Our Team

Meet the experienced and dedicated members of the HeliTeam.

Our Team


Chris Bull

Founder & President

Chris has an extraordinary background in the media industry having founded and sold two leading online media companies by the age of 25. Chris's passion for helicopters became apparent in 2006 and now he couldn't imagine a world without them! Chris flew for the British helicopter team in the 2012 World Helicopter Championships and played a vital role in bringing home the silver medal.


Wayne Fuoco

Chief Pilot

Qualified by a diverse background in aviation, Wayne prides himself in maintaining the highest regards to safety. Whether on the ground or in the air, Wayne loves to share his passion for aviation by teaching new students the fundamental principles needed to become an exceptional pilot. Wayne has been flying for over fifteen years and strongly believes that a good pilot is always learning.


Shawn Kear

Flight Instructor

Shawn has extensive experience in pilot training, aerial photography and tours. He boasts exceptional knowledge of the Robinson fleet and has a passion for sharing his knowledge with students. Shawn is a key instrument in driving the Heli Team mission.




Chief Mechanic

With over 12 years experience working on Robinson, Bell, Agusta and MD helicopters, Cesar brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. His unbeatable attention to detail and passion for perfection means all Heli Team maintained aircraft are impeccable at all times.


Donnie Milburn

Mechanic & Commercial Pilot

As a dedicated Marine, commercial helicopter pilot and mechanic, Donnie is the life and soul of the HeliTeam's maintenance and Robinson overhaul line. If you don't find him performing a 100 hour inspection, 2200 hour overhaul or racing his car on the track, you can be sure to find him flying one of the HeliTeam's tour events.


Manuel Umphierre

Holding it all together

The Heli Team simply couldn't function without Manuel! He literally holds the place together. Using a combination of nuts, bolts and paint brushes, he always manages to pull it together.