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The Heli Team is Proud to Supply Electronic News Gathering (ENG) Services Across the U.S.

Our unique ENG turn-key solution, extensive fleet, and rapid deployment capabilities make us the first choice for electronic news gathering (ENG). Our ENG platforms offer the latest in camera and broadcast technologies.

From our versatile and cost-effective Robinson R44 to Bell 407's with nose mounted gyro-stabilized HD camera solutions our fleet and equipment can be tailored to suit all requirements and budgets.


Utilizing the high definition gyro-stabilized Cineflex V14 or the ultra high definition 4K Shotover F1 with interchangeable camera/lens packages, we can ensure the best equipment is available for the specific needs of our clients.


The Heli Team works partners many News Stations, Radio Stations, and Newspaper Groups to capture anything from breaking news, live traffic updates, celebrity movements, and milestone events.


Our aircraft are branded and painted in the clients' schemes for the duration of the contract.


Let The Heli Team be Your Single Source for All Your Electronic News Gathering Needs. We’ll Make it Happen, Anywhere in the U.S.