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Helicopter application is an exceedingly accurate delivery mechanism, and with the agility of our aircraft and skillful pilots we can easily access hard to reach locations with superior coverage and penetraton. Helicopter application can be concentrated as heavily or lightly as is necessary to provide truly customized delivery for every location. The method of delivery is the key to the success of the application; helicopter rotors push massive quantities of air down, which more evenly distributes the materials being delivered.


There are many Benefits to Aerial Application of Herbicides, Pesticides and Fungicides.

  • Speed is a must when dealing with diseases and pests; aerial application is much faster than having to utilize slow and cumbersome ground vehicles.
  • Aerial application can be done even when the ground is wet - no more crushed crops or demolished top-soil from ground vehicles.
  • A helicopter provides greater flexibility and precision.
  • Rotory equipment provides better penetration of the crop canopy by forcing droplets through the micro-inversion layer.
  • Optimal application height can be achieved with the use of helicopters.
  • Larger areas can be covered with greater economy.
  • Aerial application does not spread fungal spores.
  • GPS controlled swath guidance systems to allow for more accurate coverage.


The Heli Team is Here for Aerial Mosquito and Pest Control

Especially in Florida, mosquitos and other pests can wreak havoc in so many ways and are often extremely difficult to reach. The advantage of using helicopters for mosquito and pest control is that we can access dangerous or nearly inaccessible locations safely and economically. We can help with adulticide and larvaecide application for maximum control of mosquitos and other pests.


We Offer Helicopter Aerial Herbicide Spraying for Noxious Weed & Brush Control

Herbicide application on crops is vital. Ground application is time consuming and costly, often creating other issues that result in other hidden costs. Helicopter application is typically superior for difficult to access and large areas.

Other advantages of aerial application are:

  • Helicopters are not limited to applying herbicides only when the ground is dry. We can effectively apply herbicides quickly and safely in virtually any conditions.
  • Typically there is no collateral crop damage from aerial applications as the equipment never touches the ground.
  • Helicopters are far superior as there application rates are more even and can be adjusted based on appropriate spray height, volume, and the precise droplet diameter of the chemicals being applied.
  • These application elements when combined with the natural downdraft from the rotors yields maximum penetration through the crop canopy.


Helicopters vs Fixed Wing (Traditional Airplane) Aerial Sprayers

Both types of aircraft have their pros and cons as aerial agricultural spraying platforms for crop protection services.

Fixed wing (FW) aircraft are cheaper to buy or rent, the pilots are more easily trained, fewer parts are required, aircraft maintenance is simpler and they are generally cheaper for crop protection services to operate.

On the other hand, helicopter precision sprayers do hold an advantage over FW sprayers in several important crop dusting functions. For one, helicopters can load off a nurse truck parked directly next to the fields they are spraying. FW aircraft have to fly to a landing strip to reload, increasing the ferrying time which translate into dollars. The turnaround time is where the productivity is in terms of flying time vs spraying time.

Helicopters work much better in over small, irregular fields and areas surrounded with obstacles like trees or power lines. Another point that pleases farmers with helicopter spraying is the fact that the rotor wash helps spread chemicals on the underside of the plants where bugs, fungus and the other pests are located.

It's agreed that helicopter precision spraying can deliver loads faster with much more accuracy than FW aircraft. It’s up to the farmer to choose the particular aircraft that fit their needs.


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