The Heli Team Provides Unparalleled Service Across All Aspects of the Helicopter Industry throughout the United States.

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Charter Flights

Your time is valuable – we'll get you where you need to go on schedule, while maintaining the highest safety standards.


The Heli Team utilizes the latest technology across all of our aerial application products to ensure the highest level of precision at all times.


The Heli Team provides ENG services across the US using the latest in camera, broadcast and cellular technology. Our diverse aircraft fleet allow us to service clients in all markets using a combination of Robinson and Bell aircraft.

Helicopter Tours

The Heli Team is the leading mobile helicopter tour company in the US. We can be found at many state and county fairs as well as music festivals and other events across the country.


The Heli Team also provides many other services including aerial photography, frost protection, external load operations, land surveys and wildlife capture.

The Heli Team is a US based full service helicopter company boasting the highest safety standards at every level. Our services include Charters, Helicopter Tours, Aerial Photography, Aerial Application, Electronic News Gathering, Wildlife Surveys, Wildlife Capture, Frost Prevention and external load operations. Our diverse fleet of Robinson and Bell helicopters aids in always providing the most appropriate aircraft for the job in hand.Our team are some of the most experienced in the industry with a diverse background in EMS, ENG, External Load, Aerial Application, Tours and much more. The Heli Team's mobile tour division can often be found traveling the country attending many state fairs, county fairs, airshows and music festivals.The Heli Team is an FAA approved part 135, 133, 141 and 137 operator.

The Diverse Heli Team Fleet is At Your Service for All and Any Helicopter Aviation Needs.

Our fleet is available for charters, tours, crop spraying, ENG and other helicopter services.